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They write books, edit books by outside authors, and in their spare time write online articles and blogs, develop legal forms, and create the legal content of Nolo software. Form Child Care Agreement Form Child Care Instructions Form Elder Care Agreement Form Housekeeping Services Agreement Many people hire others to work regularly in their homes—for example, to take care of children during the workday, care for elderly parents, or clean the house.

These relationships are often set up informally, with no written agreement. But informal arrangements can be fraught with problems. This can lead to serious disputes—even to one or both parties bitterly backing out of the arrangement. Far better to draft a clear written understanding of what the job entails. The agreements in this chapter are for hiring care providers and other household workers who are employees, not independent contractors. When you hire an employee, you set the hours, responsibilities, and pay rate of the worker.

Legally, most babysitters and household workers who work for you on a regular basis are considered employees for whom you are required to pay taxes, Social Security, and other benefits described below. In contrast, independent contractors typically own their own businesses and work for you only occasionally. This chapter also includes a Child Care Instructions form you can use for either a full-time child care provider or an occasional babysitter.

Assuming your child care worker, elder care worker, or housecleaner is your employee, you have legal obligations to that person, obligations that include a certain amount of paperwork and record keeping. You do not have to put this information in your child care, elder care, or housekeeping agreement, but you need to be aware of your responsibilities. Social Security and income taxes. You do not have to deduct income taxes from wages paid to an employee for working in your home unless the employee requests it and you agree to do so.

Your state government may also impose separate tax withholding requirements. Contact your state taxing authority, or ask your payroll service if you use one.

Unemployment compensation. Check with your state department of labor or employment. Minimum wage and overtime. Your child care or elder care worker may be entitled to minimum wage, depending upon their particular hours and earnings. If your state minimum wage is higher, you will need to pay the state wage.

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In addition, under federal law, most domestic workers other than live-in workers qualify for overtime pay. Workers must be paid overtime at a rate one-and-a-half times the regular rate for all hours worked beyond a hour workweek. You can check the U. Department of Labor website, www.

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New Hire Reporting Form. The information on the form becomes part of the National Directory of New Hires, used primarily to locate parents to collect child support.

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Federal ID number. If you hire a household employee, you must obtain a federal employer identification number EIN , required by the IRS of all employers for tax filing and reporting purposes. The IRS has a number of publications and forms that might help you.

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  • The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms You'Ll Ever Need.
  • You may also want to look at:. This chapter is not intended to preach about the law, but to alert you to the rules that affect your relationships with care providers and housekeeping workers. No question, if you fail to pay Social Security and to meet your other legal obligations as an employer, there may be several negative consequences. You may be assessed substantial financial penalties. For example, if your full-time elder care provider files for Social Security five years from now and can prove prior earnings, but no Social Security has been paid, the IRS could back-bill you at high interest rates.

    You will not be able to take a child care tax credit on your federal income taxes. The credit is based on your work-related expenses and income, but can actually offset the amount you might save by paying under the table. A child care provider who takes care of your children in your house, either part time or full time, may live out often called a caregiver or babysitter or live in a nanny.

    Do not use this form if you hire a care provider or house cleaner through a placement agency.

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    People you hire through an agency are not your employees—they are the employees of their agencies. Special rules govern hiring of au pairs. An au pair agency will help you with this process. The best approach is to be as detailed as possible. Start by filling in your name, address, phone numbers, and other contact information for yourself and a second parent if another parent will be signing the Child Care Agreement and your child care provider. Location and Schedule of Care Clause 4. Provide the address where child care will be provided typically your home and the days and hours of care, such as 8 a.

    Live-in nannies often work some weeknights and weekends. Specify the date employment will begin and the length of any training or probation period, such as the first 15 or 30 days of child care. This is the time to make sure that the relationship will work for everyone involved.

    A training period helps your child care provider get to know your home and neighborhood and the exact way you want things done. If there will be no training or probation period, you can skip this clause. Responsibilities Clause 7. The responsibilities of the child care position may vary depending on many factors, including the number and age of your children; whether the child care worker lives in or out; the hours worked; your family situation and needs; and the skills and background of the child care provider. In other families, especially with older children, the employee may function more as a housekeeper, cook, and chauffeur.

    This includes playing with and reading to them, taking them to the park as weather permits, making sure they have naps as needed, and preparing their meals and snacks. The care provider will bathe Kate and Tom every other day, more frequently if necessary. Wage or Salary Clause 8. You should specify exactly how the child care provider will be paid, such as an hourly rate or weekly salary.

    How much you pay depends on many factors. These include the number and ages of your children; the type of care provided and responsibilities; the number of hours, time of day, and regularity of the schedule; the experience and training of the employee; benefits such as room and board; and the going rate in your community. Check local sources to find out what similar workers are being paid—neighborhood websites and social media groups are a great source for this type of information.

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    Before you fill in this section, be sure you understand your legal obligations when hiring an employee, such as minimum wage and overtime rules, as described above. Payment Schedule Clause 9. You can decide to pay your child care provider weekly say, on Friday , twice per month such as on the 15th and on the last day of the month , or once per month. Benefits Clause In addition to payment, you may offer the child care provider any benefits you wish, such as paid vacations and holidays, health insurance, or sick leave. Spell out the rules for using these benefits, such as how much advance notice you need of planned vacation time, and what happens if the child care provider gets sick after having used up all his or her sick leave.

    Termination Policy Clause Confidentiality Clause This protects your privacy, and potentially, that of your friends, coworkers, and clients.

    The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need
    The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need
    The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need
    The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need
    The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms Youll Ever Need

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