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Although Zishtova only dates to the 13th through 14th centuries, the spot where it is located in Svishtov has existed in a state of constant occupation since as early as the 4th century, when Roman conquerors built a stronghold atop the towering hill. Zishtova remained largely under Ottoman control until its destruction around The fortress itself survived until the Russo-Turkish War of to Today, Zishtova remains relatively well-preserved. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up.

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    New Research. Curators' Corner. During his stay, he always faced the danger of death or blinding due to his father's occasional collaboration with Crusaders. The Vlad the Impaler's father Vlad and brother Mircea were accused by Janos Hunyadi, a famous Hungarian general at the time, of collaborating with the Turks and of being treacherous allies.

    Upon Hunyadi's punitive assault on Wallachia in , most of the Wallachian nobles sided with him. The Impaler Voivode's older brother Mircea was captured, tortured and eventually buried alive. As for his father, though he managed to escape, he was subsequently captured and killed near Bucharest. But he was defeated and ousted after only two months by Vladislav II, his rival to the Wallachian throne, and fled to the Ottoman Empire.

    25 Facts About Vlad Tepes the Impaler | Owlcation

    Vlad stayed in Moldavia under the protection of his uncle, Bogdan II. By , a surprising incident took place; the Impaler Voivode entered a political alliance with Janos Hunyadi, who was involved in the murder of his father and brother. In , he regained the Wallachian throne. He is remembered for his inhumane cruelty during his reign. When the Ottoman army entered Wallachia in , Vlad the Impaler fled, hardly escaping with his life.

    Giant Roman Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

    His brother Radul was put on the throne. Vlad returned to Wallachia in and ascended the throne again after the death of his brother.

    The Acacia Strain - "The Impaler" (official music video)

    But two months later, Ottoman soldiers captured and killed Vlad the Impaler, who waged a ruthless war against them. In an assessment of the past millennium before entering the year , Hitler and Vlad the Impaler were chosen as the worst people of the last thousand years.

    Vlad the Impaler

    Its total circumference is 5, feet. It is surrounded by very high formidable ramparts that soar into the sky, ornamented by towers and crowned with castellated walls, with no moats around it. Since there are deep gorges on all sides like the pits of hell, it's impossible to dig a moat around it. It is surrounded by multicolored rocks where eagles, hawks and owls nest. It has an iron gate located in the west. The Ayyar Rock on the west side is inclined to the castle. But the heavily armed gatekeepers always keep watch since all the valuable goods of the residents of the city lying beneath are kept in the castle.

    The Impaler The Impaler
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