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Marching to “Pharmageddon”: Psychopharmacy Unmasked | SpringerLink

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Pharmageddon has been defined as, "the prospect of a world in which medicines and medicine produce more ill-health than health, and when medical progress does more harm than good". We see the need to investigate and explore that risk and to identify the factors and features that describe it. Pharmageddon embraces the arguments of Ivan Illich but extends his focus.

The Infectious Myth - David Healy on Medical Integrity

He warned of the risks of medicalisation, the generally dehumanising and damaging effects of professional interventions: " the medical establishment has become a major threat to health ". Beyond direct drug injury clinical iatrogenesis , he was concerned about the ill-effects of medicine on culture and community, " the paralysis of healthy responses to suffering, impairment and death " that resulted from " the expropriation of health ". The values of the market increasingly count. Their interests and investments have a major impact on the nature and availability of drug treatments, and on the essence and conduct of medicine, worldwide.

The surge towards globalisation since the s has placed the pharmaceutical industry where it is today.

Pharmageddon is the Story of a Tragedy

The Pharmas are also major instruments of US foreign policy, and their interests are well defended as such. Pharmageddon stands for the lament that the state of world health represents a colossal waste of what medicine and medicines could accomplish, by structurally harnessing all the talent, energy and commitment that is there.

Increasingly this is not happening, which is neither morally defensible, nor in the best interests of our future.

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It is damaging to the climate of health, the oxygen of community and the core of personal well-being. Pharmageddon is marked by the contrast between over-medication and drug deprivation; it also implies a strong causal link between the two. Under-medication in poorer communities, and over-medication in richer ones, are connected as closely as obesity and malnutrition, like two sides of the same coin. Online Feb 10 Cited May Raje N, Anderson K.

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